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Standing up to corruption against Lackawanna NY police Captain Joseph “Pig Face” Leo

This is where you can tell your side of the story. We want to hear what really happened in your encounters with the Lackawanna police. Please get involved together we can out the criminal cops in Lackawanna NY. We can find out who the worst ones are and let it be known to all. We need your information to show the patterns of abuse in order to bring the (DOJ) Department Of Justice down on these criminal cops and hopefully bring civil rights violation and possible law suits against them through the (ACLU) American civil liberties union
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This is my story. Please share yours.

The Lackawanna New York pig gang

In the city of Lackawanna NY I own a four unit apartment building. I did not live in any of they apartments they were all rented out. I was visiting friends there when one day the Lackawanna police arrived. They dragged me out of a friends apartment where I was visiting then forced me into another one of my friends apartments. After being forced into the other apartment they served me with a search warrant for the person that lived there because he wasn’t home. While they searched his house they repeatedly asked me if I was a homo long pause sexual. As they searched they found photos old tenants had left behind they proceeded to stick them in my face and ask me is that your boyfriend is that your boyfriend repeatedly tormenting me. After they found some marijuana captain Leo told me they were going to pin it on me so they charged me with possession of marijuana. Captain Leo laughed and said you must enjoy spending money. Then he gave an evil grin and said this is my fucking town I say who lives here and I don’t want you in my town you should sell this house. I was arrested and left handcuffed to a chair for six hours at the Lackawanna police station with no ability to use a toilet. As I called for someone to come and let me use a toilet my screams were ignored. I was taken in front of judge Marrano who set bail at $10,000. I had to call a friend to post my bond because they took all the money from my pocket. Of course I had to hire a lawyer. Fortunately the prosecutor there at the time (she was not Lackawannas usual district attorney) refused to prosecute me and the case was dismissed. They are still holding the property they took from my pants pocket and over night bag as well as a television I was storing at the apartment it has been over 1 year now and I have not been able to get justice. I hope to be able to sue the city of Lackawanna and it’s police as soon as my lawyer finds me a good constitutional lawyer.
captain “Leo the Lier” was forced by my attorney to give back the money he stole from my pants pocket about $2000.00 as well as my license insurance card and my medications. He still has possession of some of my belongings 1 plastic bag, 1 television, 1 cell phone, 1 title for a classic corvette, 1 title for a Jeep Grand Cherokee, 1 bottle of tums, 1 bottle of aspirin, 2 teabags, 1 hair comb. He seems to think he’s going to get away with steeling my belongings and leave me with the bills I had to run up defending myself and our constitutional rights. I can’t tell you how sadly mistaken I hope this scumbag is. I will never stop fighting. I will keep you updated as to how this corruption and these constitutional violations work out. If you have a story of abuse or corruption please share it with us. Even if you did commit a crime you still have rights that need to be protected.
After notifying the DMV my titles were stole by Capt “Leo the Liar” of the Lackawanna police department. They told me to get a stolen property report from the Lackawanna police when I called to get one Leo decided to return my belongings. I made an attempt to make an appointment with lieutenant Kukoleca on 9/8/13. He did not return my call. I have called again on 9/16/13 and left another message with lieutenant Kukoleca. He doesn’t seem very prompt in carrying out his job in the property room. We’ll see how long this takes and where it go’s for now. There is absolutely more to come I’ll keep you posted.
I have made my third attempt to contact lieutenant Kukoleca of the Lackawanna police department Property room. There was no answer I left another message. He has still failed to perform his duties as of 9/18/13
I was contacted by lieutenant Kukoleca he informed me he does not have my belongings in the property room and directed me to lieutenant Brennar. I called Brenner on 9/18/13 but there was no answer I left a message for him to contact me, we’ll see where this go’s.
I left another message at 716-827-6666 Lackawanna NY police for lieutenant Brennar on 9/24/13 he has continued to fail in his duties to return my call, we’ll continue to see where this go’s.

Here are the bullshit charges Captain Joseph “Pig Face” Leo filled.

Captain Joeseph Leo files false charges

Here is where his bullshit charges were completely dismissed.

Scott Boyler charges dismissed

Here is the $1,250,000.00 (1.25 million dollar) lawsuite I filed against “Pig Face” Leo his maggot gang and Lackawannas corrupt parasite hall.



I love happy endings

You can use our contact page to send your story anonymously and add any photos or video you have.
For more information on this diseased pig please read the PROFILE PAGE LEO THE LIAR


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