Lackawanna NY, Chief James Michel, denied commissioner position, due to sexual harassment

Lackawannas police Chief James “Greasy” Michel sues Lackawanna

Lackawanna police Chief James “Greasy” Michel sues Lackawanna
Is it time to clean out Lackawannas parasite hall ? With Chief James “Greasy” Michel trying to suck more money out of the city for doing a great job like smashing his city paid for SUV into people costing the city 100’s of thousands of dollars in lawsuits. Along with Captain Joe “Pig Face” Leo running an over time scam to the tune of $170,000 in annual income for the purpose of satisfying his sociopathic compulsive lieing kleptomaniac urges that have brought numerous lawsuits costing the city of Lackawanna 100’s of thousands of dollars more in lawsuits. Not to forget Mayor “Sleazmanski” appointing his unfit father in-law part time judge at $70,000 annually as well as providing overpaying jobs to his wife and the rest of his “family”. Are these useless trolls really worth it ? Maybe it’s time the people of Lackawanna started paying more attention to the corruption and abuse of this criminal gang at parasite hall.
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