Detective Captain Joseph Leo AKA “PIG FACE”

Lackawanna NY Detective Captain Joseph Leo AKA “PIG FACE”

Lackawanna NY police Captain detective Joseph Leo AKA "PigFace"
Lackawanna NY police Captain detective Joseph Leo AKA “Pig Face”

Detective Captain Joseph Leo AKA “Pig Face”” of the Lackawanna New York police department.
captain Josepg Leo aka "Pig Face" Lackawanna NY police
In my encounter with captain Leo he has shown himself to be a sociopathic, compulsive lying disgusting thieving criminal pig fucker who has not been held accountable for his crimes. His chief James “Greasy” Michel is partly to blame for what is to come as well as his fellow pig fuckers some of whom are known drug users. I am composing a list of all known crimes committed within the Lackawanna police department. It’s not for the police it’s for the people who will want to know why this happened.
I’ll rate him a zero, he is a disease and I am the cure.

Joseph M DiNapoli
Was falsely accused arrested and imprisoned for six months by Captain Joseph “Pig Face” Leo of the Lackawanna NY police department for numerous sex crimes he did not commit. He was then maliciously prosecuted by Lackawanna city attorney Antonio M. Savaglio AKA “Scaglio”
During his 6 months in prison for crimes he did not commit his life his college education and budding football career at ECC were utterly destroyed. Mr. DiNapoli has filed a Lawsuit against “Pig Face” Leo and the city of Lackawanna for $5,000,000,000
Here you can see the charges brought by Captain detective “Pig Face” Leo and his corrupt maggot gang at Lackawannas parasite hall.
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Scott Boyler
Was falsely accused arrested and imprisoned by Captain Joseph “Pig Face” Leo of the Lackawanna NY for starting this site and our Face Book page about Lackawanna police abuse and corruption
Civil suit has been filed against the city of Lackawanna and it’s pig gang.
Captain Joseph Leo aka “Pig Face” and
Detective Brian Lakso aka “wana be” of the Lackawanna Pig Gang both violated 1st, 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments of the United States Constitution.
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Here is Captain detective Joseph “Pig Face” Leo milking the overtime in Lackawanna by filling false charges committing false arrest and falsely imprisoning people to get a big fat pig pay check.
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Captain detective Joseph “Pig Face” Leo has been caught running illegal license plate and background checks for his family members.
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Here you can see captain “Pig Face” is stumbling and bumbling with his words. This is often the effect when someone lies so much that trying to put the lies together can become a real challenge.

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As always educate yourself on how to deal with pig scum EDUCATION
If you have any information about this pig please send it us.


I say when this is over PIG FACE

I love happy endings

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PIG FACE Captain Joe Leo

He's a Disgusting sociopath compulsive lieing thieving kleptomaniac criminal PIG FUCKER !

Yes he is !