Lackawanna Police Videos

Lackawanna Police Videos

Videos of the Lackawanna NY police sent in by members and elsewhere.
New York is a one party consent state. You do have the right to video police in the state of NY but here are some good guidelines to follow.
You can use our contact page to send your story anonymously and add any photos or video you have.

Please post any video you have or can find of Lackawanna police corruption and brutality or contact us and we will post them. We’re giving away 50 video cameras to the people of Lackawanna as well as educating them in how to video record police activity. We hope this will lead to a safer community by protecting ourselves and our civil rights from the gang of thugs roaming our streets in our patrol cars they seem to think they own.

Here you see Lackawanna Officer stonie being above the law again.

Here you see the Lackawanna police “Pig Gang” saving the world from 1 gram of cocaine. Not only are they retarded for chasing after cocaine but from what I understand their actions at the scene they created were very unprofessional.Apparently one of them decided it would be a good idea to place himself between the pig car and the victims car. Lackawanna NY police shooting, murder ? more to come.
more to come.

Here you can see it appears captain “Leo the Liar” is stumbling and bumbling with his words. This is often the effect when someone lies so much that trying to put the lies together can become a real challenge.