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Lackawanna NY police kill again.

Despite numerous complaints to the FBI and DOJ about the abuse and corruption in the city of Lackawanna and their police department. They failed to act, contributing to the most recent death of a man in Lackawanna police custody. Lets hope this mans parents will include the FBI and DOJ in a possible lawsuit for their failure to act on the complaints about Lackawanna.

Lackawanna PIG FUCKER gang killed another man held in their dungeon.
I have been caged in Lackawannas dungeon myself. I was left chained to a chair for 4 hours screaming for someone to come and let me use a toilet but no one came. On another occasion I was arrested by Captain Joseph “PIG FACE” Leo for using the first amendment to start this website and our <a href=””>Face Book page Lackawanna NY Police Corruption</a> While he had me locked in his own personal torture chamber he began verbally abusing me and threatening my safety. When I asked for a supervisor to file a complaint,no supervisor came. At no time did they follow the rules or regulations. Now they have a death on their bloody hands and they want people to think they followed the rules. Help us bring this criminal pig gang and the corrupt city of Lackawanna to justice. Please tell us your stories of abuse and corruption.
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LACKAWANNA, NY – The parents of a Rich Place man claim police in the Steel City did not do enough to prevent their son’s suicide attempt while he was in police custody.

However, Lackawanna’s Police Chief insists that despite the tragedy, his officers did everything by the book.

Diana and Louis Sinwell of Bethlehem, PA say their son Stephen, 30, is currently unresponsive and on life support at ECMC, where they report that doctors are less than optimistic about his survival.

On August 15, police responded to Sinwell’s home, according to a police report obtained by 2 on Your Side, which details that they arrived for a “welfare check” after Sinwell’s ex-girlfriend called them to report that he was despondent and might hurt himself.

Lackawanna Police Chief James L. Michel Jr, citing probable litigation as a result of the case, declined to speak on camera.

However, he told WGRZ-TV that when responding officers spoke with Sinwell, who was seated in his car, Sinwell told them he was okay.

Michel also told us that according to the observations of his officers, Sinwell did not exhibit enough symptoms to be placed under mental health arrest.

The report alleges further, however, that officers noticed a “white powder under Sinwell’s nose” and that he had two suspected bags of cocaine, with an aggregate weight of more than one gram, on the floor of his vehicle of his car.

Sinwell was arrested and charged Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, and taken to Lackawanna Police Headquarters.

The circumstances of the arrest mirrored closely those of another occurrence on April 29, when Sinwell was arrested on the same charge when he allegedly had cocaine on the floor of his vehicle.

A few hours after he was locked up in a holding cell, according to Michel, officers checking on Sinwell found that he had attempted to strangle himself with the cord of a phone in the cell.

A Mother’s Angst:

“When you get a call to check the welfare of someone, I don’t care if they are dancing, listening to music, or invite you in for coffee. If someone called saying they were concerned that the person was suicidal, you take them to the hospital,” said a despondent Diane Sinwell.

“You need to get them medical attention. They (the police) are not doctors and they’re not medical professionals….Yes I absolutely blame them,” said Mrs. Sinwell. “They were more interested in a damn charge than saving his life!”

Chief Michel, who met with the Sinwells on Tuesday morning, says his report on the incident has been sent to NY State Commission on Corrections for its review.

Meantime, the Sinwells say they have been told by doctors that they need to consider whether to keep their son on life support, and to “prepare for the worst”.

“The doctor said if she doesn’t start seeing some more responses in the next few days, then we need to start making decisions…as a family,” said Mr. Sinwell. “We have to make decisions no family should ever have to go through.”

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LACKAWANNA, NY – The parents of a Rich Place man claim police in the Steel City did not do enough to prevent their son’s suicide attempt while he was in police custody.