Remain Silent

Our advice when dealing with pig fuckers, SHUT THE FUCK UP !
“Law enforcement” CAN and WILL lie to you.

The courts have given them permission to do so and they will lie every chance they get if it could mean they profit. They say “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” If you’re willing to incriminate yourself or someone else, intentionally or accidentally, they are more than willing to use you for their gain.

Exercise your constitutionally guaranteed right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. No matter how badly “they” want to search, JUST SAY NO! (with the card). If “they” have probable cause to search you, your permission is not required and they won’t ask for it.

ALWAYS exercise your right to remain silent. If you are “legally” detained, you can not talk your way out of it.

Exercise your right to not speak without an attorney present AT ALL TIMES during interactions with “law enforcement.”

These cards are made with the best materials we could find for both print quality and durability, while keeping them inexpensive to make. Double the price and you still couldn’t make a higher quality card.

The cards are 30mil thick – about the same as a credit card, but more flexible.

In the event someone is displeased by the card being presented to them and attempts to destroy it by hand, enjoy the show (and get it on video :); it would be destruction of property after all). These cards are practically indestructible and could last a lifetime.

It’s not because you did something wrong or illegal, it’s because if “they” want to find something they will. This card will not get you out of trouble if you committed an actual “crime,” nor should it, but it will prevent you from getting yourself into more trouble if used properly. Presentation of the card is done in the interest of preserving constitutional liberties.

These cards have just become available on Ebay for $6.00 each:

You can print this one out and give it to a friend CLICK IT
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Watch and learn.