It’s a shame Lackawanna NY ended up with captain “Leo the Liar”
Every once and while you do find a cop with an IQ over 80 like this guy Captain Peter Christ
Retired Police Captain, Peter Christ, explains why legalization is the safest, most effective way to manage America’s drug problem.

Cops Ran Out of Free Doritos in 10 Minutes at Seattle Pot Festival
<a href=”http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/cops-ran-free-doritos-10-minutes-seattle-pot-235900570.html”>Operation Orange Fingers</a>
Meanwhile back in Lackawanna NY they’re handing out death.
<a href=”http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/cops-ran-free-doritos-10-minutes-seattle-pot-235900570.html”><img src=”http://www.lackawannanypolicecorruption.org/wp-contented/uploads/2013/08/AP_seattle_police_hempfest_doritos_jt_130817_16x9_992.jpg” alt=”AP_seattle_police_hempfest_doritos_jt_130817_16x9_992″ width=”512″ height=”288″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-249″ /></a>