Our goal is to connect the people who have been victimized by the city of Lackawanna and the Lackawanna police department. We believe there is a serious problem with civil rights violations in our town. We need to join people together to show a pattern of violations abuse and corruption in order to bring the (DOJ) Department Of Justice into Lackawanna and help get ride of the abuse and corruption. We also hope to get the (ACLU) American civil liberties union involved to help bring legal suits against the city of Lackawanna and the police for there acts of abuse and corruption.
Our goal is also to help our community through education and information. Knowledge is power, we the people of Lackawanna NY need to know how to deal with this city and the police. If you have not been a victim of police abuse we hope you will get involved to protect others and yourselves from future abuse. If we don’t try and stop the abuse and corruption it will continue and likely get worse. The more crimes the authorities get away with the more corrupt they will be. Even if you have committed a crime you still have rights that need to be protected. Crime ? mostly laws created by the real criminals the US government and it’s goons. We need your side of the story we need your videos of the abuse in action.

Filming cops cop watching cop blocking
Filming cops cop watching cop blocking

You can use our Contact page to send your story anonymously and add any photos or video you have.